16 Arrested During “Poor People’s Campaign” Protest

May 15, 2018, 12:37 pm EST | Share:

COLUMBIA, SC (WTAT-TV) — Several people were arrested Monday during a protest in the state capitol.

Sixteen people from the “Poor People’s Campaign” were taken into custody during the peaceful event.

Officials say the protestors were unlawfully blocking streets near the Statehouse.

Columbia police say the protesters were given three lawful orders, of which they were ignored.

“As a result of that disobedience, several protestors were arrested,” the department said on social media.

Group leaders say they are challenging the economic and racial inequality in the United States. Members are also calling for social change.

“The road blockage was a symbolic decision in the sense of we can’t go down this road any longer,” explained one protestor. “There are 140-million people living in poverty in this country. People are dying because they don’t have healthcare.”

The “Poor People’s Campaign” is a revival of one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s most radical crusades.

The campaign is calling for six-weeks of non-violent protests across the United States.