‘A Deal with the Devil’ Mother Raises Alarm About Sexual Predator

May 15, 2018, 3:13 pm EST | Share:

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (ALEX HEATON, WTAT-TV) — A North Charleston mother says she made a deal with the man who confessed in court to making her little girl touch him inappropriately.

Now, she fears he is not living up to his end of the deal and says she bargained with the devil.

After her world was rattled three years ago, the mother set out to give her daughter a place to play and feel protected.

“She comes back here and she is on could nine,” she said on a tour of her backyard. “Our goal was to give her everything she needs in the privacy of her own backyard.”

Kimberly recalled the moment she learned of the horrific incident. “She goes, ‘mama, you remember that man who was helping us hunt frogs?’ I said ‘yes, baby,’ and she said ‘He wasn’t very nice. He was not a nice man. He pretended to be nice, but he wasn’t a nice man.'”

She says Robert Lee Hudnell forced her daughter to touch him inappropriately at a neighborhood barbecue in 2015.

Another child was also involved.

Arrest records show he was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct and one count of kidnapping.

But Kimberly and the parents of the other child decided not to go to trial.

“I was told that if they did go to trial that he would be in the room, that they could not shield him from their view,” she explained.

So, instead, they opted for a plea deal.

“I’m just a regular girl. I’m not an attorney, I don’t know how all of this works, you know? So, I do know that he admitted it. That anybody can get the transcript, I do believe, from the courthouse, and read it, and read his confession.”

Hudnell pleaded guilty to kidnapping and assault in October 2017. He was given 5 years probation and ordered to take a sexual predator test to determine whether he will be placed on the sex offender registry.

“He’s at home and if he is not placed on this list it is a huge disservice to the community and to the children,” she said.

Court transcripts confirm those results were supposed to be revealed at a hearing in November.

Kimberly says she still does not have answers.

“Yes, I somewhat do regret not going to trial at this point,” she said. “I, morally, have such an issue knowing that he might be walking around and he could possibly get a job working with the boy scouts or subbing somewhere, possibly, or a church as a Sunday school teacher, and these people not being able to look up and do a background check and him not be there.”

It is important to note Hudnell’s plea was an offered plea which carries the same sentencing and consequences as a guilty plea.

The difference is that by making an offered plea, the defendant proclaims that he or she is innocent but does not want a trial because the prosecution has evidence that the defendant believes will result in a conviction.

We reached out to Hudnell’s attorney for comment but have not heard back.