Berkeley County SRO’s Train for Worst Case Scenario

August 9, 2018, 5:18 am EST | Share:

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (ASHLEY BLACKSTONE, WTAT-TV) — Students and teachers are getting ready to head back to class, but school safety didn’t take the summer off. On Wednesday, Berkeley County SRO’s were busy training and preparing in case of an active shooter.

Staying sharp, looking for hidden dangers under pressure — it’s a crime scene local law officers are working to prevent.

“We bring the SRO’s in from various agencies across Berkeley County,” explained Brian Fenton, safety and security officer with the Berkeley County School District.

The skills they learn during drills like this could help keep students safe and that is something Fenton has a personal stake in.

“I’ve got three kids in the Berkeley County School District,” he said.

Fenton says keeping violence out of schools has always been on the minds of educators and officers.

“Safety in our school district is not just up to law enforcement,” he explained.

“The big thing is building relationships with these kids. They almost become like a second family,” said Travis Dodd with the Moncks Corner Police Department.

Even though Wednesday’s drill will help them prepare, office Dodd says the training doesn’t stop when the drill is over.

“The big focus right now, with the different trends, is the safety always has to be updated because changes are always being made in the different types of threats. Safety is always having to be updated.”

This is the fifth year for the summertime training.

Training for Berkeley County School Resource Officers includes time in the classroom where they learn about drug and mental health issues.