Amanda The Mom

July 5, 2016, 1:48 pm EST | Share:

Being a mom is something Amanda Holliday loves, and while it’s most rewarding it can also be the world’s toughest job. “My daughter is 6-years-old and just a hoot. She’s very active and keeping up with her is a lot sometimes, and as I’m sure anyone with a child can understand, you want to be able to have fun with them and enjoy life with them rather than say ‘sorry I can’t or sorry I’m in pain.”

So when neck pain began troubling Amanda to the point where she could not lift anything, she worried that her relationship with her daughter would never be the same.

“She is my everything, and not being able to enjoy life with her? No way. I could not see that happening.”

Amanda told us about the pain and about when it started.

“It would mostly appear in the night, a radiating and burning sensation that was coming on. Even to pour a cup of coffee in the morning was pretty painful. Anything that had to do with working in the yard, picking things up it just really hurt a lot.”

To relieve her pain, friends told Amanda she should visit the Southeastern Spine Institute. But will a place known for treating back pain be able to help with her neck problem?

Watch our story today to find out how the Southeastern Spine Institute was able to help Amanda and help her readjust to her lifestyle.

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