Personal Trainer Needs Help Herself

July 5, 2016, 2:17 pm EST | Share:

As a personal trainer, who herself was in top shape, Meredith found that when it comes to overcoming back pain, sometimes being fit is just not enough.

“Even though I exercise religiously and I feel like I am in pretty good shape, I was very surprised to hear that I had a serious back problem,” she said.

“For some body that is a fitness instructor like Meredith, a back problem like hers could change her life forever. She came in basically dragging her leg and unable to pull her ankle up and down. She had a large ruptured disk,” said Dr. Steven Poletti with the Spine Institute.

“I ruptured my disk and Dr. Poletti said that I had no option but to have surgery, and like 2 days later,” said Meredith.

Dr. Poletti went on to say that for people like Meredith it was very important to take the pressure off of the nerve, but do it in such a way that they didn’t cut the muscle in her back and not have to remove any bone in order to do it. So the operation calls for microsurgery or endoscopic surgery, which is done through an incision which is about three quarters of an inch long. The surgery is also something the Southeastern Spine Institute can do as an outpatient procedure, which means you can have the surgery and leave the surgery center right after.

So post-surgery, was Meredith able to once again do everything she wanted to do? Was her pain gone? Watch our story to see just how the doctors were able to help Meredith and get her back on her normal routine.

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