Restaurant Work is Hard on the Back

July 5, 2016, 3:38 pm EST | Share:

A fixture of fine dining for almost 40 years, the name Chef Brett McKee is familiar to the Charleston, South Carolina area. While you may not have tasted his fine cuisine, you may relate to the fact that the restaurant business can be really hard on your back.

“The restaurant business is non-stop. I work from about 6 o’clock in the morning until midnight every day. That business of behind the line cooking, on your feet 16/18 hours a day, every day will wear you out.”

Unable to be there for his family and being in pain ever morning, Brett finally decided he had enough and should have his back checked out by a doctor.

“When I would get up in the morning, you know, the father of three beautiful daughters, they would want to do things with me. I could barely get up in the morning. I would be like the tin man getting my can out and oiling the bones.”

“When we did an MRI we found a disc that was crushed, and actually a part of the disc was sticking out into his spinal cord,” explained Dr. Donald Johnson.

Chef McKee needed surgery right away to correct the problem. Find out if the doctors were able to help, and if Brett was able to get back into the kitchen which he loved so much on this episode of Today’s Spine Health.

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