Truck Driving Man

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Our story is about someone you might see every day. Someone whose job is to help keep America moving, and for Michael Boese that job is being in the middle of things and always on the move. If you sit for a living, you know it can be hard on your back. But did you know, for truck drivers, it’s not just the sitting, but shifting heavy gears that really takes its toll.

“Pushing in the clutch, which was really the hard part because it put a lot of pressure on your lower back. When you drive a truck it’s a double clutch. You’ve got to hit the clutch twice each time you shift. With 10 years, you are talking 20 times within one traffic light!”

While sitting and shifting is hard work, so is loading, unloading and keeping up with the maintenance of a big rig. So when Michael started having pain in his back, his job just kept getting hard and harder.

“I didn’t ever know what it was. It just kept always hurting, always hurting. I progressively got worse, but I just had to work through it, have to work through the pain, and sometimes it was excruciating.”

His back injury was also affecting his life at home. Sometimes, it was so bad, he had to literally crawl to the bathroom on his hands and knees because he couldn’t get up.

“The numbness would run down the legs, like they didn’t even work. Like they were gone.”

The pain and problems got to the point where he knew he would need to see someone other than just his family doctor. He heard about the Southeastern Spine Institute so he called for an appointment to immediately see the doctors.

Watch our story to see how the doctors were able to pin-point Michael’s back problem and ultimately treat his pain.

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