CBD Oil Sales Booming in the Lowcountry

April 13, 2018, 11:22 am EST | Share:

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (CAROLINE BALCHUNAS, WTAT-TV) — Some call it the next big thing in the health and wellness industry, and its popularity is growing statewide.

CBD oil was legalized in South Carolina about four years ago and it is flying off the shelves in Charleston.

As a natural way to ease stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation, more people are reaching for cbd oil — a hemp product derived from the cannabis plant. Something else you may want to look into is something like Full Spectrum Hemp Oil which helps to unlock your bodies healing properties, using all natural products. It is said to maximize your chance to live a happy healthy, natural life.

But despite the stigma attached, CBD oil is very different from marijuana.

“You absolutely cannot get high on CBD oil,” said Hannah Riley, an employee at Shem Creek Vapor. “It’s 100% non-psycho active and has no THC.”

The shop also sells gummy bears and pet treats made with the oil and says they routinely sell out.

“We have a wide range of customers,” Riley said. “We have customers who treat their children with it, customers that treat their pets with it, from hedgehogs to cats and dogs. I treat my own cats with it.”

Behind the product is a Mount Pleasant mother.

“I am a special needs mom. I have an 18-year-old daughter with autism,” said Emily Harper who launched Primo Plant Remedies 8 months ago.

“Once I discovered that CBD would help my little girl, I started looking for better products because there’s a lot of mislabeling, it’s very confusing.”

She calls CBD oil a life-changer, an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that just were not working, with a long list of side effects.

“As a society, we are evolving and recognizing that hard, damaging pharmaceuticals are not good for everyone,” she said.

Harper is confident CBD oil and Primo Plant products will eventually become a mainstay in big box stores.

“I honestly believe the hemp industry in South Carolina is going to change everyone’s life,” she said.

The demand for CBD oil and other hemp products in South Carolina is taking off. Last Year, the state General Assembly approved a pilot program that allows certain farmers to grow hemp.