Charleston County Launches Text Messaging Software for Citizens

June 11, 2018, 11:28 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WTAT-TV) — Are you looking to report a pothole or request mosquito control? Well, there’s a chatbot for that.

Charleston County, one of the first in the country, has launched an interactive text messaging and customer service software system for civic engagement with government.

In a press release Monday, Shawn Smetana, the county’s public information officer, said citizens can report a problem or ask a question via text message and ‘Citibot’ will respond in real time, anytime.

Residents can ask questions like “how do I request a recycling cart?” or report issues like potholes and receive an immediate response.

“Charleston County is committed to customer service for all of our citizens, and Citibot enables us to be connected to them via interactive text messaging,” said county administrator Jennifer Miller. “We are proud to be the first county in the country to deploy this easy-to-use technology that makes us much more accessible to our citizens.”

To start a conversation with Citibot, Charleston County residents can text “hello” to 843-800-4121.