Charleston County School District Principal Resigns

May 17, 2017, 9:53 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT-TV) — FOX 24 News has obtained a resignation letter sources say was sent by a Charleston County School District principal. Jake Rambo says he will step down from James B. Edwards Elementary effective June 30th.

The letter to CCSD board members describes closed door decisions regarding Rambo’s plan to transfer.

Rambo says the community was being told one thing while he was hearing something very different. He says low student test scores are the primary reason the district wanted to move him.

He also cited a meeting on April 25th with CCSD superintendent Gerrita Postlewait.

Rambo says the memo told him the school’s data showed he didn’t have experience working in a low income school and that his career with the district depended on how he handle that situation.

One portion that letter reads “I have prayed about the decision to compose this letter and have acknowledged my fear continuing to work in a district that seems to often misrepresent the truth and punish those who question anything about its direction.”

A petition on protesting that decision now has over 300 signatures and the group Ed First SC is planning to rally outside Charleston County School District headquarters on Monday.

FOX 24 News reached out to the district for comment. The district has previously said the test scores are just one factor being used in personnel reassignments and that no decisions are final.