Joye in the Community: Goose Creek High School

August 23, 2016, 1:52 pm EST | Share:

Joye Law Firm stepped in when Goose Creek High School was being treated unfairly by the state’s sports commission.

The law firm represented the school pro bono, and since that time, have built a relationship with Goose Creek High School that includes having attorneys address student’s on safe driving, hosting Joye Law Firm “tailgates” at Gator games, and contributing donations to the school’s activities, including the Sharonda Singleton Gator Crawl.

The renaissance program is something we are very excited about at Goose Creek High School. This gives students the opportunity to receive awards for making good grades, good attendance, and having good behavior.

We are also excited about holding rallies for the students, with activities, games and many different things throughout the year.

We also do a great activity in April that we call the “Goose Creek High School Gator Crawl,” and this will be the 2nd annual crawl in honor of one of our former teachers, Sharonda Singleton, who was lost in the Mother Emanuel AME tragedy.

It’s a fundraiser that we get our students, faculty, community and our business partners involved in. It’s a fun-filled day of activities around the track.

Really, it’s a competition where everyone gets involved and we just have a great time.

There will be food, a corn hole tournament and it all helps raise funds for the Sharonda Singleton Memorial Scholarship Fund that is given to students.

We are so excited about the 2nd year of this fun event.

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