Leyla’s Lowcountry Living: 5 Church

May 9, 2016, 6:09 pm EST | Share:

On this week’s Lowcountry Living we head to the Holy City where a new restaurant has made its home on hallowed ground; we take you to 5 Church.

At the pulpit is Chef Jamie Lynch. He hails from New York, made his home in North Carolina and finds himself migrating farther south.

You would be surprised to learn that 5 Church actually began in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s now made its home here in downtown Charleston and it’s a little bit museum, a little bit church.

This is its altar and a stage for Chef Lynch and his culinary creations.

“We are very technique driven,” said Lynch. “But when it comes to kind of putting ingredients together or approaching a dish, I kind of just try to look around and look for inspiration in what is happening around me.”

Hence Chef Jamie’s signature 60 second steak.

“You know, I was kind of digging deep, trying to think of all these things and this one popped in my head,” he said. “I was like man, that steak was amazing. Nobody has ever seen it before.”

…and I must confess. I was in disbelief that you could cook a steak in just one minute.

“It’s this crazy steak that when people see it their jaws drop. It’s unlike anything they have seen before.”

Truth be told, the 60 second steak a clever name for something that requires several minutes of cooking on only one side and plenty of TLC.

“So now we that have our steak, we’re just going to pull this off and we’re going to let it rest like a sleeping baby. The heat transfers through, all that marbling starts to melt. So now we are going to slice this guy. That’s our crust right there.”

Though Chef Jamie wears his love for cooking on his sleeves, 5 Church’s dining space is just as much a feast for the eyes.

“The stars aligned, for sure, for this space to happen,” he said. “The artist that painted the 5-dollar bill is my tattoo artist.”

From the church’s stained glass to passages from Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ painted on the pitched ceiling, 5 Church is a sanctuary for the senses.

5 Church located at 32 Market Street across from the historic Charleston City Market.

Chef Jamie and his partners are now getting ready to open their third location in Atlanta.

For more information go to their web site 5churchcharleston.com