Putting for Parkinsons

April 12, 2016, 7:56 pm EST | Share:

April is Parkinsons Awarness month and there is a lot going on to fight the disease here in the Lowcountry. Jamie Touchberry with Putting for Parkinsons sits down with Tessa and gives an overview of their mission and a look at the event ahead on April 30th.

Jamie tells the story of her Father-in-Law, Tim Touchberry, who is living with Parkinsons and is also the reason they started this event eight years ago. He was a local coach, teacher and athletic director here in the Lowcountry and impacted many lives. As you can imagine for someone who is in athletics – and in the field for many years – to be diagnosed with Parkinsons there is huge change in their lifestyle.

Putting for Parkinsons is not just about golf! There is a dinner and an auction as well. Visit puttingforparkinsons.com for more information.