Could a Pay Increase Be on the Way for Local School Bus Drivers?

July 11, 2018, 11:31 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (ERICA LUNSFORD, WTAT-TV) — More money is on the line for school bus drivers in Charleston County.

Leaders with Durham School Services say they will pay drivers $15.00 per hours, but how does the base pay compare to other districts?

With the new school year roughly 6-weeks out, the need for bus drivers is real.

Durham School Services recently announced they were looking to hire right on the spot at a job fair and many took them up on that offer.

“We’re looking for about 50 to 70 drivers to hire,” said Karina Varner, a Recruiter of Durham School Services in Charleston. “We have been very successful at the recruiting efforts, so we’re just looking for the new school year to start.”

With the bus driver shortage and not a lot of time, money talks.

“Our base pay is $15 an hour with a 30-hour minimum guarantee for all drivers coming in. And benefits are available for all drivers as well,” she said.

That is a jump from the base pay of $13.55 just last year. Now, other districts are raising their game.

“We ended last year with a pretty big shortage,” said Wes Fleming, director of transportation with the Berkeley County School District. “Over the course of the summer, we have a couple of classes for drivers. We just don’t have a lot of applicants.”

Fleming went on to say, “We just got a pay increase for new drivers starting this year. We start at a $14.30, $14.50, something like that.”

Dorchester District Two says it doesn’t exactly have a shortage but is looking to hire more drivers. They are also aware of what other school districts are paying.

“I know the drivers have felt like they’ve been included as part of the district family and I think that goes a-ways, I think their loyalty has shown that it isn’t all about the pay,” said DD2’s Steve Shope. “I don’t know what the district’s plans are right now for raise and that pay, I think it is under consideration, but there hasn’t been a determination yet.”

The districts say the positions also include benefits and guarantees a 30-hour minimum per week.

If you are interested in applying, please click on one of the following links:

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