Development is Booming on Daniel Island

March 6, 2018, 11:58 am EST | Share:

DANIEL ISLAND, SC (ALEX HEATON, WTAT-TV) — Crew after crew chip away at the changing landscape of Daniel Island.

“In the last year we’ve noticed a huge growth. It seems like it’s all happening at the same time,” said Tammy Haight who has livid on Daniel Island for 10 years.

New to the island is Bin 526. Owner Mike White took advantage of the exploding growth on the Island.

“I think it’s easy to say our population has added another 50-percent, so we are probably 90-percent through with completing our development here at Daniel Island,” he says.

His plan: welcome new residents with a glass of wine in a 7,000-sq-ft wine tasting experience.

“When you come into the store you’ll get a chipped card, the latest in technology, and you’ll be able to chose any of these wines,” he explained of the process.

“So if a husband and wife come in, she likes white, he likes red, they don’t have to compromise it.”

Or you can grab a cup of joe at the largest Starbucks in the state which is right next door.

The building is just one of many that have popped up recently.

“Instead of just one building going up, it’s all happening at the same time,” explained Haight.

Several new apartments, commercial space, a senior living facility, and a new restaurant with an on-site brewery.

“I think it has mirrored Charleston’s growth,” said White. “It has been very, very steady over the last ten years, but certainly in the last three to four. Once Blackbaud announced their corporate expansion and corporate headquarters moving here – that was really a jump start for the market place.”

But some say it has also kicked traffic troubles into high gear.

“That’s my biggest concern out here, traffic,” explained Height. “Because I do own a business and right out front of our restaurant we see the back up at the light and all the way down Seven Farms Drive.”