Don’t Forget About Your Pets During Winter Weather

January 3, 2018, 10:13 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT-TV) — Furry friends are like family and you don’t want to forget about them on a day like today.

Although you should limit travel today, for those who must drive be sure to knock on your hood or honk your horn to clear out any animals who may be seeking shelter.

It is also required by law to provide a dog house for your dog. But experts say it is best to just bring them inside.

“Make sure they have a really nice dog house that is packed full of hay, line the sides with Styrofoam, whatever you have to do to kind of create a little enclosed igloo for your pet,” said Aldwin Roman with the Charleston Animal Society. “Really, that is the last resort. The first option would be bringing them inside.”

If you see an animal left outside without shelter you are asked to call Animal Control.