Dramatic Video Shows Shooting of South Carolina Officer

August 11, 2017, 10:22 am EST | Share:


ESTILL, SC (WTAT-TV) — Dramatic video recorded on a Lowcountry officer’s camera-equipped glasses shows just how dangerous a police officer’s job can be.

Estill officer Quincy Smith was responding to a call on New Year’s Day about someone trying to snatch groceries from customers. That is when officer Smith spotted 29-year-old Malcolm Orr walking from the store and ordered him to stop, but in a flash, Orr pulled out a gun and began to fire.

“Dispatch Echo 7 I’m hit. I’m hit in my neck some place. My arms are broken… help me please,” Smith said on his radio.

Officer Smith did survive the incident but remains on medical leave. Bullets broke two bones in Smith’s arm, severed a vein in his neck, and passed through his upper torso.

Orr sentenced to 35 years in prison this week for attempted murder and possessing a weapon in a violent crime, receiving the maximum sentence.

“Overall, I’m doing pretty good,” Smith said. “Mentally I am doing better. It’s been tough since the incident happened and I take it day-by-day with the support of friends, family and everybody else.”

Smith says he would like to return to work and hopes to be back on the force beginning in 2018.