Drivers Concerned About Possible Oil Spill on Highway 17

August 8, 2018, 10:04 am EST | Share:

RAVENEL, SC (ERICA LUNSFORD, WTAT-TV) — Drivers are concerned about the intersection of Highway 17 and 162. Some say an oil-like substance is sitting on top of the road and that has them worried.

Don Hesher, who lives in the Jacob’s Point neighborhood, says the issue isn’t anything new.

“It’s been progressively getting worse over the last few months; it started out with rain pushing and leaking the oil out of the ground, into the water run-off areas, it started turning it black and it’s gotten much worse over the last three weeks,” Hesher said.

DHEC and SCDOT crews were on the scene checking out the area this week.

“We called DHEC five or six times, I emailed the EPA and never got any response, until I finally met with DHEC yesterday evening,” he told us.

The crews also inspected a gas station across the street but did not comment on what the black substance was or if it was coming from the gas station.

No matter what it is, Hesher says he just wants it gone.

“We just want it cleaned up, and the oil to stop wherever it is coming from, and get it cleaned up before it becomes a problem for the pond that’s south of there, you know our biological system, the route, as long as plants and fish, birds,” he said.

Ravenel Mayor Opal Baldwin says the issue is under DHEC’s control.

We reached out to DHEC and are still waiting to hear back from them about the issue.