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Animal treatment questions cancel ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ premiere

This weekend's premiere of "A Dog's Purpose" has been canceled following the release of a video that appears to show a frightened dog being forced into churning water.

How low can you go? ‘Limbo Queen’ slips under airport bench during layover

A record-setting limbo dancer gave Philadelphia airport passengers some free entertainment when she scooted under a bench at a terminal.

Former Alanis Morissette Manager Admits to Embezzling $6M

The former business manager for Alanis Morissette is in trouble with the law.

“Demon” Sighting Goes Viral

Images on Facebook of a purported demon sighting have gone viral.

FOX 24 Program Changes for 2017

FOX 24 provides and update on upcoming scheduled to daytime programming and the addition of two brand new newscasts.

Mariah Carey Seriously Flops NYE Performance

Singer Mariah Carey performed on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on Saturday night and it was not as anyone expected.