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Nitro the Police Dog Creates Viral Workout Video

An Alabama police dog shown on video doing pushups with two officers has become a big hit on the internet.

KFC Selling Internet Escape Pod

If technology leaves your head spinning, you are in luck with the KFC Internet Escape Pod!

Della Reese, of TV’s Touched by an Angel, has died at 86

Della Reese, the actress who found her greatest fame as Tess, the wise angel in the long-running television drama “Touched by an Angel,” has died at age 86.

Navy plane traces obscene sky drawing over Washington town

Residents of the town of Okanogan, Washington, got quite an air show courtesy of the U.S. Navy.

Steve Harvey Hosting New Year’s Eve Special

The special will hair live from New York City on FOX 24!

Colin Kaepernick Names “Citizen of the Year”

GQ Magazine has named former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, "Citizen of the Year."