Family Mourns Death of South Carolina Soldier

January 11, 2018, 1:34 pm EST | Share:

FORT MILL, SC (BRANDON LaVORGNA, WHNS-TV) — Javion Sullivan always felt called to serve his country. Even though some of his family members did not want him to leave Coastal Carolina.

His aunt, Patricia Hackett, says it was something he believed he was meant to do. “To make a better life for his family, to fight for his county, it was something he wanted to do,” she said.

The Greenville County native married the love of his life. Together, they raised their daughter, Mahogany. “He married the love of his life. He and Raven have been together ever since they were 13-years-old,” said Hackett.

Javion’s grandmother, Katherine Sullivan, says her grandson always put family first and was the light that would draw them together when he visited.

“He would always eat with me, always have his cousin come by here to see him because he would come here and all the rest of them would come here to see him at one time.”

After two years of service in the United States Army, his wife says he was killed on Monday while on deployment in Iraq.

His grandmother says the family is still looking for answers but no one because Javion is now with God.

“He was just a joyful person, he really was. And I miss him very much, I really do,” said Sullivan.

Hackett says the young man who always said ‘I love you,’ and embraced you to show it, will now live on through his daughter.

“He’s gone, but looking at her, she’s his twin,” said Hackett. “We will always see Javion in Mahogany.”

Coach Chris Brock said Javion came out in his senior year and stepped up in a big way. He was a team player and would do anything to help his team.

Coach Brock said Sullivan did everything with a smile and with the utmost respect, saying he “wished he had 100 more Javions.”

The Department of Defence says Sullivan’s death was not combat related.