Father and Son Shot During Attempted Robbery in North Charleston

February 26, 2018, 10:46 am EST | Share:

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (ANGELA BROWN, WTAT-TV) — Prayers and support has been pouring in for a Lowcountry family following a deadly robbery in North Charleston.

Family members say a father and son were working together when they were both shot on the job.

The son, 41-year-old Michael Bryan Cooke, died from his injuries.

We spoke with his cousin, Jennifer Smith, who started a GoFundMe page to help the family. She says he was a husband and a proud father of Sophia.

“He has never met a stranger,” she said. “Bryan has a huge heart.”

Smith said Bryan owns a landscaping company and sometimes earns money working with his dad, Mike Cooke. “In the winter when he doesn’t have as much work, he helps his father on plumbing jobs.”

She said Bryan and Mike were both fixing up a home on Matipan Avenue in North Charleston on Friday when their loves were torn apart.

An affidavit lays out exactly what detectives say happened; Aaron White and Daquintez Gadsden, both 18-years-old, walked into the house, pulled out a gun and attempted to rob the father and son.

The report says both men were shot several times before the teens took off and ran to school.

Unfortunately, Bryan died from his injuries.

“He would give you anything you needed, which is why the whole family keeps saying they would never have had to rob them,” said Smith.

Mike is still in the hospital. “He’s still in ICU,” she said. “They took his breathing tube out and are working on his swallowing.”

Smith says Mike is also a preacher at a small church in Mount Pleasant. On Sunday, instead of a church service, members were greeted by a sign on the door which read “LCC service cancelled due to family emergency.”

To help both families, Jennifer Smith set up the GoFundMe page. “To take worry off these people. They all care so much for each other, help take this worry off them so they can heal and help each other heal. The outpouring of support will help them more than anything.”

Both suspects, White and Gadsden, are now facing charges for murder, attempted murder, burglary and possession of a fire arm. They waived their rights in bond court on Sunday.

At last check, that GoFundMe page has raised more than $50,000 and is still growing. To donate, please click here.