Folks Say They Won’t Let Irma Run Them Away

September 11, 2017, 10:27 am EST | Share:

BEAUFORT, SC (SCOTT EISBERG, WTAT-TV) — Although we are beginning to feel some impacts from Irma, that didn’t stop some football fans from hitting the bars this weekend.

We caught up with some folks down in Beaufort who say they were going to ride the storm out.

A sign art Luther’s Bar in Beaufort says ‘Irma who? Bar Open, lets drink,’ and if you look inside you’ll find plenty of people eating, drinking and watching football like any normal Sunday.

“Or an abnormal Sunday, I don’t usually do this on Sunday, but Irma, thank you,” said one customer.

“Yeah, we’re going to hunker down. We’re here and happy to walk through town and have a few beers, not too worried.”

Everyone at the bar seemed to be lighthearted, telling us homes seem to be pretty secure.

“I’m a little worried because I got hammered by Matthew last year, so I have gone through 20 tubes of caulk on my roof and I’ve boarded up my house,” said one homeowner.

“I’ve boarded up my house but I think we’ll be fine. If we have to leave in the morning, we have to leave,” said another.

For now, though, “we’re in denial,” they say.