Georgetown Could Be on the Verge of Something Big

February 15, 2017, 10:14 am EST | Share:

GEORGETOWN, SC (JOSH ROGERS, WTAT-TV) — It’s a Lowcountry town with quite a history… a history of struggles… from a shuttered steel mill, a disastrous fire, and a thousand year flood.

But Georgetown is on the verge of something big in business.

Take a stroll down Georgetown’s Front Street and there’s a resort-like feel, but in this town of barely more than 9,000 people, not everything is as it seems.

“We had a little over a foot of water in the place. So when we came in here it was kind of a shock. We kind of froze for a little bit and then started getting the carpets out, contacting the insurance companies to start the process,” said Andrew Giarratana with Front Street Deli.

The process of recovering from the flooding.

“We were hit by Hurricane Matthew from the King Tides,” he said. “We were closed for a little over three months to complete the deli after that.”

Both followed in the ashes of the devastating Front Street fire.

“They were right across the street in the open space there behind the dark fence,” said Michele Overton.

Four years ago, a fire destroyed at least 6 businesses, leaving a void still visible today.

“There was so much smoke, it was terrible. And there was just nothing you could do. It was just jumping from building to building,” said Overton.

The businesses are now immortalized in a mural across the street. “I just wanted to do something for people to remember what it looked like.”

Thanks to another of Georgetown’s small business owners. “It’s good to see all these (businesses) coming back in.”

But it’s not all Michele Overton is doing to make sure the people of the small, industrious town remember its past and look forward to its future.

“At first I didn’t know if it was real or not, because they said it was a contest for half a million dollars, and that’s not usually a phone call you get it,” she said.

Georgetown is one of five finalists for the Small Business Revolution competition, and winning that could be a serving of good luck this town needs to give back all that it has lost.

The steel plant shut down in 2015 causing 200 people to lose their jobs.

As for voting for that half-million? You can go to and follow the link to vote for Georgetown.