Goat Yoga Craze Hits The Lowcountry

May 11, 2018, 7:19 pm EST | Share:

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WTAT-TV) — The goat yoga crazy has hit the Lowcountry, and a Johns Island farm already has a waiting list for the next several classes.

Jeremiah Farm and Goat Dairy on Johns Island finally gave in to the craze and started offering goat yoga this year as a way to socialize their baby goats.

The farm’s owner says she tried to resist the trend at first, but volunteers convinced her to try it once.

Plus, its another way for the small farm to make extra money while offering some laughs.

“Baby are probably the big draw because they are tigers they have springs in their legs,” she explained while talking about the baby goats bouncy behavior. “They are bouncing all the time and people need to laugh. That’s one of the fun parts. You can sit in the grass, have a baby in your lap and turn around and that same baby will ‘boinging’ all the way across the pastures.”

The first class was in April — it sold within four hours of being posted online.

Classes are being offered Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Most are already sold out, but there is a waiting list.

The classes will end in mid-June when the babies are too big.