Grandson Accused of Killing Four at Charleston County Home

March 12, 2018, 10:50 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (BRODIE HART, WTAT-TV) — A tight-knit family is now struggling with the monumental loss of four people over the weekend.

Joseph Manigault, 72, and his wife Rose Manigault, 69, were killed Saturday along with their daughter, Kenya Manigault, 42, and granddaughter, Faith Manigault, 15.

Their bodies were found at a home on Atlanta Drive near Mount Pleasant on Saturday.

The man accused of taking their lives is 22-year-old Lovequawn Scott – the grandson of Joe and Rose Manigault. He is now charged with four counts of murder.

Faith Manigault is a student at Wando High School. We heard from her principal who released a statement saying; “A precious soul and wonderful person is no longer with us. We were so fortunate to have Faith Manigault as part of our school community,” said Dr. Sherry Eppelsheimer.

Dr. Eppelsheimer also tells us there will be extra personnel at Wando High this week and will include a district crisis team for those who are grieving the loss of a friend, family member and fellow student.

We also learned Joseph Manigault worked at James B. Edwards Elementary in Mount Pleasant for several years and deal another loss the the Charleston County School District.

Family members spoke with us about the loss of a young lady in the prime of her youth and the potential punishment for the man who took her life.

“She was my first cousin. First cousins are like sisters. This is truly devastating to us,” said Valerie Gilliard-Anthony, the niece of Rose Manigault.

“Oh, little Faith. A wonderful little student at Wando High School. She loved basketball, she was playing basketball and he just snatched everything away from that child,” said Estelle Grant, the sister of Joe Manigault. “He deserves whatever he gets. My heart is full. Please pray for our family.”

A bond hearing was held for Scott on Sunday, but he refused to make an appearance and no bond was issued. He is expected in circuit court within 30 days.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s office says they have not yet released or arrived to any potential motives for this crime. Officials believe the four family members were beaten to death.