Help! April the Giraffe Needs A Name for Her Baby!

April 17, 2017, 11:49 am EST | Share:

April FINALLY gave birth over the weekend, and congrats, it’s a boy!

We’ve all been watching the giraffe cam from Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York since it was first put up. Waiting and waiting… and waiting for that exciting moment. It finally happened on April 15th.

Zookeepers say April’s calf is 5’9 and already weighs more than 130 pounds!

Owner of the park, Jordan Patch, says this giraffe birth is an important milestone for the park, and the entire species. “This is just a huge accomplishment for us. We’re a relatively young facility, so for us to have a giraffe calf in our 5th year of being open, that’s a big accomplishment. But on the grander scale, we’ve taken the silent conversation of the extinction of giraffes from a very small conversation to a worldwide conversation at dinner tables, coffee shops and in classrooms.”

The park is now holding a naming contest for the baby giraffe. We’re told proceeds will go towards giraffe conservation and a local charity.

You can submit a name suggestion for April’s baby by clicking here.

How many times do you think Giraffey McGiraffeface will be submitted?