James Island Residents Fed Up with Flooding

July 9, 2018, 10:22 am EST | Share:

JAMES ISLAND, SC (ERICA LUNSFORD, WTAT-TV) — When it rains, it floods. Residents in a James Island neighborhood say they have been dealing with flooding for years, but now it’s getting worse and they want city officials to fix the problem.

“It’s getting inside the house, my neighbor’s garage. The lady over here has to park her car on high ground ” explained Jimmy Mazyck.

He says flooding has a problem a problem in the Laurel Park subdivision for years. “It’s happening more and more often. It’s becoming a real bad problem for a lot of people in this neighborhood.”

Everytime it rains, it pours… into his house.

“I’ve put gutters on the house, I’ve run pipes through the ditches, I’ve got tile floor in the house because water can’t destroy the tile,” he said. “Basically, there is nothing I can do except improve the ditch system.”

But in order to do that, he believes the drainage pipe needs to be wider.

“The entire neighborhood flows until it gets here, and then you’ve got a small in diameter pipe. That pipe is probably only 14-inches in diameter. It cannot flow through, it will fill up and back up the whole neighborhood,” he explained.

Neighbors agree and say they’ve even brought out public officials to see the pipes.

“They’ve never done any maintenance,” said James Rouse who lives nearby. “They have a pipe, that I think was illegally put in because it’s half in diameter of the rest of the drainage for the subdivision. So, every time it rains now it gets worse. If you look back here the sides of the banks have washed in and filled in the ditch.”

Rouse believes he knows what is contributing to the problem.

“The ditch in front of our house is SCDOT right away, but this is City of Charleston and between them and that is Charleston County,” he explained while showing us the layout. “Three different jurisdictions, three different responsibilities.”

Mazyck said, “They need to put it in the budget. This is not a new thing, this has been going on for 20-to-30 years and now it’s getting worse.”

We are working to get answers for the families at Laurel Park. We called city officials on Sunday, but of course, their offices were closed for the weekend. We are still waiting for a comment.