Law Firm Giving Away FREE Divorce for Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2018, 4:45 pm EST | Share:

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR (TIM RENAUD, WTAT-TV) — Valentine’s Day is upon us – consider your options: a nice dinner, maybe a box of chocolates, or perhaps some beautiful new jewelry. But would you ever consider… a divorce?

How about a FREE divorce?

A law firm in Arkansas recently launched a contest to give away one free divorce. Not really the standard practice for a day of love, right?

Wilson & Haubert, PLLC, who has been practicing law in North Little Rock, Arkansas for over 20 years, initially came up with the idea a few years ago and finally decided to pull the plug this Valentine’s Day.

Contestants are asked to fill out a submission form with details about their marriage and a reason why they should win the divorce. Friends and family members were encouraged to enter the contest as well.

The prize will cover the filing fee, summons fee and up-to 4 hours of billable time. That is the typical amount of time for an uncontested divorce hearing which totals about $985.00.

So, if the paperwork has been filled out correctly and terms have been pre-discussed like property, kids and child support – you’ll be in the clear and on your way to a new life!

Okay, who would actually sign up to win a free divorce for St. Valentine’s Day?

You might be surprised.

Attorney Brandon Haubert tells me within the first 12-hours since the contest launched, they received more than 30 entries.

Haubert, pleased with the results so far, says his firm plans to make this an annual event and even discussed trying contests for various other holidays like free DUI during Spring Break or over the holidays, and free bankruptcy on April 15th.

In the end, lawyers with the firm just hope they have the ability to make some people smile, including the lucky winner.

Sorry though, the contest is only valid to people living in Arkansas.

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