Leaders to Discuss “Bump Stock” Ban Ordinance

August 9, 2018, 10:13 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT-TV) — Lowcountry leaders are considering a move to ban “bump socks” and other firearm enhancements within city limits.

Charleston’s Public Safety Committee will consider the ban during a meeting Thursday.

Accessories like Bump stocks, trigger cranks and other enhanced devices, which enable semi-automatic weapons to fire like machine guns, are all on the list to be banned.

The ordinance was prompted following the Las Vegas massacre. Many also believe if a bump stock had been used during the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME in June of 2015, there would have been more casualties.

Leaders are recognizing gun violence as representing a “significant health risk to the citizens of the City of Charleston.”

Members of City Council will have to vote and approve the measure before a ban would go into effect.

Columbia previously passed an ordinance to ban bump stocks in 2017.

Offenders there could face a $500 fine of 30 days in jail if they are caught using one.