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CHARLESTON, SC (ADAM BRADLEY, WTAT-TV) — Festivals galore this weekend! Time to get outside and maybe try something new. James Island County Park will be the place all weekend for their annual Charleston Outdoor Fest. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re into kayaking, paddle boarding, archery, mountain biking, climbing or just laying back and enjoying some live music. General admission is only $2.00 as well, with a more interactive experience going for a mere 10-spot.

We pick only the best for you here on Lens on Local, and here’s our pick where you pick. It’s the Lowcountry Strawberry Festival at Boone Hall Plantation! Starting Thursday night bring the family for strawberry pickin’ and much more including carnival style rides, a massive slide tower, a petting zoo, Miss Berry Princess contest and flying puppies! Kind of!

Finally, no springtime weekend would be complete in Charleston without some kind of foot race, right? This one sets itself apart by promoting fitness and the greatest hairstyle America has ever developed. Mullet Hall will be the site of the Mullet Haul, a 5k, 10k and 10k relay through the trails of the Mullet Hall Equestrian Center. Racers are encouraged but not required to sport a mullet, whether real or artificial. Also known as the Kentucky waterfall, hockey hair and “business in front, party in the rear”, this is the one event that promotes fitness and unbridled mulletude.

That’s a look at your Lens on Local for this week, we’ll see you there with your shades on!