Liquid Form of Tamiflu in High Demand Across the Lowcountry

February 1, 2018, 9:23 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (ERICA LUNSFORD, WTAT-TV) — If you have a young child with the flu it could be tricky trying to find the liquid form of Tamiflu. We are hearing reports of shortages across the Lowcountry, so we checked in with several local pharmacies to see if they still had the liquid version in stock.

“I had a friend just last week – her daughter had the flu and they were calling pharmacies and found out there was a shortage,” said one Lowcountry mom.

The Tamiflu shortage is primarily with the liquid form of Tamiflu for young children who have trouble swallowing capsules.

We contacted small, local pharmacies within the Lowcountry and surprisingly most of them reported being loaded with the liquid formula.

“We have stayed very well stocked throughout the season so far,” said Shannon Busby, a staff pharmacist at Plantation Pharmacy. “We have not run out at all because we are able to order from our wholesalers and secondary wholesalers. A lot of larger chains are not able to do that. So we have stayed well stocked in all strengths and the suspension.”

Another option some small pharmacies have for this severe flu season is the ability to make the medicine if needed. “We try to replicate what the manufacturer made with the pills,” said Jennifer Molony, a Pharmacy Technician at Tide Water Pharmacy in Mount Pleasant. “So we make it into the liquid form for them, so it is the same dosing.”

That is welcome news for parents like Sharon. “It’s a relief to know that if I ever need it small pharmacies can mix it up and make their own version of Tamiflu,” she said.