Local Group Wants to March in Summerville Christmas Parade with Confederate Flag

December 4, 2017, 10:30 am EST | Share:

SUMMERVILLE, SC (ANGELA BROWN, WTAT-TV) — Our cameras were rolling as things became heated between opposing sides and whether or not the Confederate flag should be allowed in a Lowcountry Christmas parade.

Standing in front of Summerville Town Hall, the South Carolina Secessionist Party waived the Confederate flags when a confrontation erupted between both sides.

“At your age, you need a purpose in life besides following around the Confederate flag,” said James Bessenger, a member of the SC Secessionist Party to Louis Smith of the Community Resource Center.

Smith and members of the Community Resource Center want to stop Carolina Flaggers from marching in Summerville’s upcoming Christmas parade.

“This is a Christmas Parade for our children to celebrate the birth of Christ. So, Summerville DREAM should be ashamed for allowing these floats in the parade,” said Smith during that press conference. “Summerville DREAM should be ashamed for allowing these floats in this parade.”

“People who want to protest, they can protest. That is their right,” said Bessenger. “I don’t see exactly what the Carolina Flaggers are doing that anyone would want to protest. They are just a group of people putting on a cultural representation.”

Summerville DREAM, the group who organizes the annual parade, say their hands are tied.

“We do not have a legal basis for excluding organizations from participating in the parade,” said Michael Lisle with Summerville DREAM. “The resolution that we came to was that we would ask the southern heritage organizations to eliminate the replica weapons and to have no more than two Confederate flags as part of their entry.”

The Summerville Christmas Parade will be held this Sunday at 2:00 p.m.