Lowcountry Lawmaker Threatened, Called Racial Slur Via Email

September 1, 2017, 9:06 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (BRODIE HART, WTAT-TV) — A racially charged and threatening email was sent to a Lowcountry lawmaker and now state police are investigating.

The threat was made towards State Representative Wendell Gaillard. He says someone made a racial slur towards him and said they would show up at his house.

Gaillard sent a copy of that email to our station which shows an image of Robert E. Lee overtop the Confederate battle flag.

The anonymous sender was angry about Gaillard speaking out against Confederate monuments and the Confederate battle flag.

Previously, Gaillard said that statues, like the one of John C. Calhoun in Marion Square, honor slave owners.

The email also asked for his address and specifically said a group will show up at his house at 3:00 a.m.

Despite how specific the email was, Gaillard said he is not intimidated by that threat.

“South Carolina now has 19 new hate groups, and, now when you read things like that, and you get involved in things such as a statue with a negative history, you are going to attract people as such,” he said. “I’m going on with my everyday life. This is my hometown, I believe in what I am doing and many other people believe in what I am doing.”

Gaillard says this is not the first time he has been threatened, but it is the first time someone has personally contacted his email. He says he’ll go on with his everyday life.

The email sent to Gaillard says in full: “We tired being understanding with you N—–s! If you don’t like the Flag and our monuments you should go back home to Africa. This our country and we both know you will not have your way. We despise you and I don’t understand why you’re fighting a losing battle. What’s your address? Maybe I will bring my group to your house. We wear suits. No sheet. How about 3AM?”

At this point, investigators are still looking into the source of that threat.