Lowcountry Lawmaker Will Not Support Removal of Confederate Monuments

August 15, 2017, 9:48 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (MEGAN RIVERS, WTAT-TV) — Dorchester County Representative, Chris Murphy, says he will not support any legislation to remove Confederate monuments from or around the Holy City.

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“I’d vote against it,” Murphy said. “I would not be in favor of it. We can’t erase history every time some extremist hate group wants to hijack a piece of our history. We just can’t erase history.”

After a weekend filled with controversy and protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, Pastor Thomas Dixon is asking for lawmakers to rethink how the monuments are presented.

“They are inaccurate right now in their portrayal. So, we can put them in museums right along with the Confederate battle flag and other things,” he said. “Those who want to see that, those who are about that aspect of our history, can go there and see them.”

Meanwhile, Representative Wendell Gaillard said it may be time for he and his colleagues to revisit the decades-old Heritage Act that protects Confederate monuments.

“I always thought we should revisit it, we should repeal it,” Gilliard says. “As long as we have a president in office, and he’s going around perpetrating everything; hate, disrespect for mankind. We need to revisit things like that.”

It’s a move Murphy says will not survive the General Assembly.

“Members of the General Assembly were pretty adamant, an overwhelming majority of them, that further amendments to the act, to remove monuments or take down monuments, to place them in a museum, or whatever, was not going to happen,” Murphy says.

Rep. Murphy voted in favor of the removal of the Confederate flag from our state grounds. A move which came after the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME in 2015.

He also condemned the violent acts in Virginia and called it an act of terrorism.