Lowcountry Restaurant Working to Feed First Responders

January 4, 2018, 7:35 pm EST | Share:

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (ANNE EMERSON, WTAT-TV) — First responders are working overtime to get our area up and running after the winter storm. But, keeping the Lowcountry safe is a big job that can make anyone hungry.

One restaurant is making sure our local emergency personnel are well fed, especially during this major weather event.

For several years now Sticky Fingers in Mount Pleasant has been the go-to resource for the town’s first responders when it shuts down for emergency situations.

Many emergency personnel who show up to work long hours need something to keep them going. That is when this restaurant fires up the smoker and sends meals out, helping those who help us in times of crisis.

“Clearly it helps the community because our officers, first responders and even the guys with public works are able to keep going,” said Carter Baldwin, MPPD Training Director. “They’ve gotta have some food to do our jobs and they are able to keep going and get the community cleaned up so we can get back to business as usual.”

As this city starts to recover from all of this snow and ice, Sticky Fingers says they are going to keep their doors open and their ovens hot – always ready for the next weather event.

We had the change to speak with Sticky Fingers owner, Robert Patterson, who said in just two days they managed to cater over 2,000 meals. In fact, he said there were another 200 meals going out the door Thursday night. A team that is not going to slow down until this emergency is all behind us.