Two Juveniles Killed During Assault at Jameson Park Apartments on Greenridge Road

August 7, 2017, 7:21 pm EST | Share:

UPDATE: 8:40PM – Authorities have arrested Raashid Jaamal White near South Antler Drive, just a few streets away from the initial crime scene.

UPDATE: 7:50PM – North Charleston police say two juveniles were killed at Jameson Park apartments in North Charleston. Authorities are looking for Raashid Jaamal White.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (TIM RENAUD, WTAT-TV) — North Charleston police are actively looking for a man accused of assaulting family members inside an apartment off Greenridge Road in North Charleston Monday afternoon.

The incident happened around 3:00 p.m. at Jameson Park Apartments.

Officers say the suspect ran out of the apartment right after the assaults took place and that is when the manhunt began.

Right now we are unsure just how many people were assaulted in the apartment or the severity of the assaults, but a Chaplin and EMS were called to the scene.

Fire and a mobile command unit were also set up in the parking lot of that apartment complex, and police began showing an image of the man in question to nearby residents.

A heavy police presence was seen around the Northwoods area all afternoon as officers searched high and low for the suspect. Police vehicles were seen along the U.S. Highway 52 Connector, Rivers Avenue, up and down Greenridge Road and portions of I-26.

On the ground, officers searched the area around Jameson Park Apartments and neighboring apartment and town home complexes along Greenridge Road. In the air, a police helicopter hovered above the area for several hours as the search continued.

This is a developing story. We will update this page with any information as it becomes available.