Mount Pleasant Police Arrest Two Following Bomb Threat and Bank Robbery

May 19, 2017, 2:33 pm EST | Share:

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (TIM RENAUD, WTAT-TV) — Mount Pleasant police have arrested two people in connection with an armed robbery at United Community Bank in Park West.

The incident happened on May 12th. Police were initially called about a bomb threat at East Cooper Medical Center when the bank robbery happened, which was later believed to be a distraction while the robbers targeted United Community Bank.

Around 4:30pm, police confirmed there was no device found at the hospital and the scene was cleared.

Meanwhile, at United Community Bank, no customers were inside the bank off Highway 17 and Park West Boulevard when the robbery happened.

According to an incident report, the bank robbers got away with $25,000 in cash and stole an employee’s smart phone and purse.

Following an investigation and search, police arrested Kalee D. Lynn-Bishop and Kamal D’Andrea Backman on May 18th and charged the pair with armed robbery stemming from the Park West robbery.

“Our detectives worked around the clock following every lead to identify these dangerous individuals and take them into custody,” said Chief Carl Ritchie.

Police are still investigating this case.