Neighbors React to Deadly Cane Bay Shooting

April 10, 2018, 7:42 am EST | Share:

CANE BAY, SC (WTAT-TV) — Residents in the Cane Bay Plantation neighborhood describe a safe and friendly community, despite a deadly shooting inside a home over the weekend.

Investigators say 43-year-old Wade David Williamson called 911 after pulling the trigger on 35-year-old Liam Vernon inside his home Sunday morning.

Vernon later died at an area hospital as a result of the gunshot wound.

Neighbors who live nearby say they are surprised at what happened in their relatively quiet neighborhood.

“I’d like to think it is an isolated incident,” said Kathy Simmons, a resident of the Cane Bay subdivision. “I do feel safe right now, hoping that they will get to the bottom of whatever it was that happened over there.”

“I’ve been here for about a month and so far it has been really quiet,” said neighbor Ashley Wetherington. “Everybody has been really friendly and nothing bad really happens here.”

Investigators say they are still looking into how Williamson and Vernon knew each other so they can find out what led to the shooting.

We are told Williamson is cooperating with deputies. No arrests have been made.