Charleston’s Antebellum Past Echos Through the Halls of it’s Oldest Homes

October 10, 2017, 2:04 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (FOX 24 NEWS NOW) — Mother nature has not been kind to Charleston’s historic district the past few years.

Tropical systems Joaquin and Matthew brought heavy rain and storm surge to the area, putting quite the damper on the Preservation Society’s famous fall home tours.

But this year? They’re getting a reprieve.

The Preservation Society is an advocacy organization which helps ‘keep Charleston real’. “We like to think of Charleston as being resilient, engaged, authentic, liveable and keeping it real,” said Susan Epstein, the fall tours manager.

“One of our main shifts in mission is to really preserve what is Charleston – what makes Charleston special – it is the buildings, it is the architecture, it is their stories, but it is alo our culture,” said Corie Hipp, Communications Director with the Preservation Society. “Livability and making Charleston a living city, right now, it shifting.”

In their mission to protect and preserve historic Charleston, the Society puts on tours as part of their biggest fundraiser. “We spend probably three quarters of the year putting this all together,” explained Epstein. “We have the traditional house and garden tour, walking tours which is just history, garden tours, luncheons and any way that we can engage tourists and residents alike.”

“We’re finding out that some of the more up close and personal events engage residents as well as tourists,” she continued. “People want more of an experience. They want to come in and really see what it is like to live in those homes and maybe see something behind the scenes.”

The society is an important member of the community. It helps protect what the city is best known for, it’s history and architecture. But, it can’t do it without the help of others equally concerned and interested in preserving the beauty of the Holy City.

If you would like to learn more about the Fall Homes Tour or buy tickets, please click here.