Cooking Up a Meal Your Valentine Is Sure to Love

February 13, 2018, 1:34 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (FOX 24 NEWS NOW) — They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach – so what better way to fall deeply in love than through a homemade Valentine’s Day dinner.

Suzanne Pollack is the Dean of Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits – she is a chef, an entertainment guru and hospitality expert.

Pollack prepared a complete Valentine’s Day meal beginning with a delicious cocktail and ending with a delectable dessert.

Old Fashioned

2.5 oz bourbon or rye
.25 oz simple syrup or a slice of a sugar cub e
2 dash angostura bitters ( 12 drops)
1 dash orange bitters( six drops)

Put all the above in a glass filled with ice
Stir til glass sweats, for 35 seconds
Then strain into another glass and add one or two big ice cubes

Cut a slice of orange peel and squeeze onto drink
Add one Luxardo cherry

Pork Chop

What you don’t want is a grey pork chop. A grey chop means the heat wasn’t high enough. It means that you were chicken. Don’t get chicken with the pig. The difference between chefs and home cooks is that chefs are not afraid of high heat. The pork chop goal is juicy pink inside, crispy fat on the outside. The difficulty lies between crusty on the outside and tender on the inside. The following are the Pork Chop Poobah’s exact directions for the perfect pork chop, which he follows to the letter every time:

• Pork chops
• Fresh sage leaves
• Pears, apples or peaches, thickly sliced***
1. For starters, buy your pork chops from the best butcher in town. It is literally impossible to make an inferior pork chop superior. In Charleston we go to Ted’s.
2. Heat a cast iron skillet over high heat. When surface is hot, pour a generous slug of olive oil in pan. You are not frying the chop, but you need more oil than a bare sheen. Using enough hot oil is the reason why the fat crisps and becomes delicious. This heated oil is definitely going to splatter, so wear an apron to protect your clothes, and know you will be wiping the stove and floor near the stove during clean up time. Your stomach and loved one’s stomachs are worth that hassle.
3. When the oil starts to pop or “spit” (about thirty seconds), lay the pork chops in pan and leave the chop alone for exactly five minutes. Then turn the chop over. The Pork Doctor says that the second side is the creative side. Not to make you crazy, but he says listen to the vibe. The Dean’s translation: depending on the chop’s thickness, temperature of pan surface, even the humidity, the second side is done in three to five minutes. After cooking pork chops a few times you will know exactly when it is ready by touching and looking. Until that time comes, know that your chop is finished when the second side’s fat is crispy but the interior is pale pink. Stick a knife tip into middle of the meat and take a look at the color. It’s a fine line between pinky perfection and grey overtones.
4. When you turn the chop to the second side, place sage leaves and slices of pears around the chops. Both leaves and fruit will be ready in two minutes, when browned and crispy. If the chops need another minute, remove the sage and pears with tongs onto a paper towel first, and then take the chops out.
5. Serve pork chops with sage and pears on the side.