Haley Mae Campbell Performs on FOX 24 News Now

April 13, 2017, 11:30 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (FOX 24 NEWS NOW) — The Lowcountry is brimming with talented musicians like singer/songwriter Haley Mae Campbell.

This 18-year-old is an early graduate of Academic Magnet High School in North Charleston. “I decided to finish up online and fast track it because I wanted to make music! I’m just passionate about it and I can’t see myself doing anything else,” she said.

Campbell said she first got the bug to be a singer/songwriter after growing up doing musical theater and began writing her own songs in the 8th grade. “I ended up performing an 8th grade theme song at my graduation and everyone loved it. That was my first time performing something original so I thought that was pretty fun – I should see what else I could do and it’s just snowballed from there.”

Campbell grew up playing the piano, but says she wasn’t very good at it. So she began picked up the guitar and began teaching herself before switching to lessons.

“When I started out people kept telling me I was country, and I thought ‘I don’t think so, I’m just a girl with a guitar,’ but I was fighting it for so long. Then I started to see different sides of country music, some sides I really, really liked.”

So, she took on country music and found inspiration in a songwriter named Liz Longley. “She’s from Nashville and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her in Charleston and Nashville. She’s just the sweetest and her songs are amazing,” she said. “So from a singer/songwriter perspective I love her. Then stuff like Maroon 5 and a lot of my favorite bands.”

At her young age, Campbell has already opened for some pretty great acts like Sheryl Crow, Tucker Beathard, Corey Smith and she’s getting ready to open for Luke Combs on May 4th at the Columbia Music Farm.

Campbell is getting ready to release a new single called ‘Lose My Number,’ and performed for us on FOX 24 News Now. (Watch in video above)

She was joined by her Fiddler, Ryan Gilmore. The pair met through Campbell’s sister who was attending the School of the Arts. She says Ryan is the missing puzzle piece that she always needed in her life.

Gilmore says his genre is definitely country. “Definately country, we venture out a little bit but that’s my main.”

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