Facebook Post Leads Wisconsin Cop to Donate Kidney to a Child in Need

August 8, 2017, 11:00 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (ALISON KOSIK, CNN) — A Wisconsin boy will live to celebrate another birthday, and it’s all thanks to a special hero.

Jackson Arneson was born with a condition called posterior urethral valves, which causes the patient’s kidneys to gradually lose function every year until they stop working completely.

His health was on the line, and his hope to stay healthy was to receive a donated kidney that matched with type O positive blood.

Jackson’s mother, Kristi Goll shared a plea on Facebook asking if any living donor would be willing to get tested to see if they were a match for her son.

Officer Lindsey Bittorf with the Milton Police Department, also a mother, saw the post and was led to action.

After being tested as a perfect match, Bittorf decided to give Jackson and his mother a gift of a lifetime — Bittorf donated her kidney.

“I took an oath to serve and protect my community and now my kidney will serve and protect you,” Bittorf stated.

Both surgeries were successful.

Although Officer Bittorf’s health may be at risk after her donation, she states, “It was a .03% risk to my life to donate, and I take bigger chances than that going to work everyday.”