SondorBlue Rocks the FOX 24 News Now Stage

October 6, 2017, 2:03 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (FOX 24 NEWS NOW) — Charleston’s SondorBlue is bringing freethinking to the world of rock and roll and embraces the way of life which focuses on a healthy lifestyle, brotherly love and individuality.

Connor Hollifield, John Sheehan, Andrew Halley and Drew Lewis make up the four-man-band who is touring the east coast with their ever-evolving sound, making every performance a fresh and innovated experience.

“This kind of started eight years ago when Connor and I met and then it’s been ever-evolving,” said Halley. “John (joined) five or six years ago and then Drew, when we really wanted to get serious, we needed a really good drummer.”

The story behind the name of the band is interesting. “The root of the word ‘sondor’ means that everyone has a story and its kind of accepting that awareness of we’re all a lot closer together than we think – we experience a lot of the same emotions on the inside, so kind of respecting that inter-connectedness that we all share,” explained Sheehan.

Drew explained the inspiration of their band and its sound. “It’s kind of a melting pot of a lot of different influences like The Beatles or Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye” he said. “We try to take a lot of new music and infuse it with old to make something new and special.”

The band has a new EP coming out on Friday the 13th called ‘You Will Find Love on Ashley Avenue,’ Hollifeild says the release will be accompanied by a show at the Music Farm in which the band will be headlining on October 20th.

SondorBlue took the FOX 24 stage and performed ‘Escape’ from their new EP.

To learn more about the band or listen to their music, please click here.