The Cocktail Bandits Mission to Break into the Bartending Industry

October 11, 2017, 4:47 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (FOX 24 NEWS NOW) — Taneka Reaves and Johnny Caldwell are known in the Lowcountry as the Cocktail Bandits, a couple of curly-haired ladies who talk cocktails while educating and entertaining their audience daily through their own original recipes.

“We travel the streets of Charleston showing people how to enjoy drinking, eating and how to make a good drink at home,” said Reaves.

The pair met during their first day at the College of Charleston and have been friends ever since. Both were majoring in political science, a far cry from exploring life’s greatest enjoyments – cocktails and food.

But then something changed.

“We really felt the need to get involved in the feel of what was happening in Charleston,” said Caldwell. “We were seeing the change in the food and beverage market with all of the bars and restaurants coming up. We had to find our place in the market because it is growing. People are coming from all over the world to take enjoyment in it, so we wanted to show our part in it – that is why we started the Cocktail Bandits.”

An unusual idea, Reaves explained how it all came together. “Just studying social media and seeing the trends on YouTube, Instagram, and how Instagram was becoming this visual reference board so people could see what you are doing all day – we decided to use Instagram to educate, instead of just consuming, let’s give our perspective and see if people like it. They ended up loving it!”

You can typically find the curly ladies at events around the Lowcountry and on social medial 24/7 just search for @cocktailbandits.

For more information, please visit their website by clicking here.