The Night The Lights Went Out

April 14, 2017, 11:28 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (FOX 24 NEWS NOW) — She’s the queen of southern women’s fiction, writing tales colored with vibrant cities and sensational drama.

New York Times bestselling author Karen White graces the Lowcountry this week, celebrating the release of her newest novel ‘The Night The Lights Went Out’.

She boasts a writing career that has spanned 15 years, 20 books, and get this, 11 of them are New York Times bestsellers.

She first began writing since the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta. “My kids were little and they were taking good naps because I told them they had to, and I literally just sat down and started writing one day,” she said. “Had a book hangover, I read a great book and I just couldn’t pick up another, so I thought how hard could it be?”

White said she wrote her first book and entered it into a contest where it ended up winning and gained the attention of a New York literary agent who offered to represent the southern author.

The book, ‘In the Shadow of the Moon,’ recently reprinted, began her writing career. The book is a time travel novel, set during the Civil War in Atlanta.

As for White’s new book, ‘The Night the Lights Went Out,’ it is a modern-contemporary novel set in the Atlanta suburbs. “It’s still very much a Karen White book, very southern, but there are some twists. So I am calling it my Steel Magnolias meets Girl in A Train,” she said. “Most of my books have an element of history, mystery and a little bit of a love story, which this one certainly has, but the cool thing here is that the mystery is not only in the past but we also have a contemporary mystery.”

She said it is a book about friendship and the true nature of friendship and finding out who your real friends are.

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