The Plantation Singers

April 5, 2017, 11:38 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (FOX 24 NEWS NOW) — Their beautiful voices have been heard all over the world, including at Hall’s Chop House downtown every Sunday during brunch.

We’re talking about the Plantation Singers, Charleston’s very own acappella group.

The Plantation Singers were founded in June of 1996 by Lynette White. “We actually started performing in September of 1996 and we’ve been singing every month since,” she told us.

The group is even internationally known. “We have traveled outside of the United States three times in the 20 years that we have been performing.”

Typically the group sings gospel music with a gullah tradition. “I tell people that we sing the music of the South Carolina Lowcountry, which of course is old spiritual songs, old gospel songs, old hymns,” said White.

“Our signature song is ‘This Little Light of Mine,’ we adopted that 20 years ago so that is, of course, one of my very favorite pieces that we sing. It’s usually the first song that we sing at most of our engagements, including Halls,” she said.

The group is made up of 16 performers. “But out of that 16, it could be any number depending on availability because we sing literally every single month and we do 15 plus almost every single month.”

Lynette White says you don’t have to have formal training to join the group, she says you just have to sing and be willing to do the work behind it to learn the songs.

They boast a repertoire of over 300 songs and sing at all kinds of engagements. “We perform for a whole lot of stuff,” she said. “We do a lot of what we call Lowcountry weddings, not just in the Charleston area, we are a group that travels.”