North Charleston Issues State of Emergency, Bans Public Travel

January 4, 2018, 1:10 pm EST | Share:

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT-TV) — Mayor Keith Summey has declared a State of Emergency Thursday afternoon through proclamation with the City of North Charleston.

With the order in place, public travel has been prohibited due to continued winter weather conditions.

Mayor Summey has deemed it unsafe to travel on public streets or any other public property, except for citizens in need of medical assistance or services necessary to their the well-being.

“The roads in the city continue to be hazardous due to icy conditions, with conditions expected to worsen tonight and into tomorrow morning.” the city said in a press release Thursday. “This restriction on travel will remain in effect until further notice. Citizens are urges to abide by this proclamation for their safety, the safety of others and there safety of police and fire personnel.”

The release went on to say that Mayor Summey exempts law enforcement officers, firemen and other public officers and employees, including; doctors, nurses, employees of hospitals and other medical facilities; on-duty military personnel, state or federal; on-duty employees of public utilities, public transportation companies, and local media.

“Such classes of persons may be essential to the preservation of public order and immediately necessary to serve safety, health and welfare needs of the people within the city.