Police give ticket to man for driving Delorean at 88 mph

May 31, 2017, 12:58 pm EST | Share:

SANTA CLARITA, CA (WKRC-TV) – If you’re driving a Delorean, the right way to do it is going 88 miles per hour, right?

That’s what one California man thought while driving the famous ‘Back to the Future’ car until he was pulled over by highway patrol.

According to KTLA, Spencer White was driving his dream car along 14 Antelope Valley in the Santa Clarita area at 85 miles per hour when he decided to take it up a notch.

Immediately, as he started going 88 miles per hour, a police officer pulled him over.

“I busted up laughing and my mother was busting up laughing. He’s even got this big grin on his face like he won the lottery. He goes to his car and then he comes back immediately and he’s got the radar gun. And he says ‘yeah, Do you want to take a picture of it?’ And I say, ‘yeah I do.’ With the car and everything, it was hilarious,” said White.

While the ticket was expensive, it was not as much as stolen plutonium from Libyan terrorists.

“Probably 350 or $400,” said White.

Does it make White wish he could rewind to before he got pulled over?

“I suppose. Although according to some Delorean fans and stuff like that, that’s kind of the dream ticket,” said White.