Police Investigating Threatening Social Media Post Towards Summerville High School

October 6, 2017, 10:14 am EST | Share:

UPDATE 3:00PM – Summerville Police say an investigation into the alleged Snapchat threat has been ruled not to be a credible threat. No charges have been made and appears to be stemmed from multiple unsubstantiated rumors.

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WTAT-TV) — Dorchester School District 2 officials say they along with the Summerville Police Department are investigating a threatening post on social media directed at Summerville High School.

“Late last night, the Summerville Police Department was notified of a disturbing social media post involving Summerville High School and an incident that could possibly occur next week. The police department, working with the school district, immediately began investigating and will continue to investigate the origin of the post as well as the credibility,” said DD2 Public Information Officer, Pat Raynor in a press release.

A Snapchat screenshot began circulating on social media, including emails to FOX 24, which show a message relating to a school shooting.

“If you go to Summerville High School – a kid has warned others to not go to school on Monday- I do not suggest you go at all- the principal is warned but screenshot this and tell those at Summerville,” the message read.

District officials say the safety of students and staff is always a main priority and will continue to take every precaution in providing a safe learning environment.

This is a developing story – we will update you when we learn more.