Pro-Marijuana Group Speaking at The Citadel Today

April 17, 2017, 11:10 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (BRODIE HART, WTAT-TV) — They’re not just blowing smoke. A Lowcountry advocacy group is getting serious and a little aggressive about medical marijuana and hopes to push through a new bill in the state legislature.

The group, Compassionate Care South Carolina, will be at The Citadel today teaching people how to effectively lobby lawmakers to push this medical marijuana legislation through the state legislature.

While South Carolina does not have medical marijuana, even though 28 other states in the country already do, the proposed bill would create a state regulated program that would allow patients with debilitating medical conditions and a doctor’s recommendation access to medical marijuana from state-licensed facilities.

One of the lobbyists that will be at The Citadel today is David Newsome who has a personal stake in this task. Newsome has a 7-year-old daughter with a rare seizure disorder; he hopes medical marijuana could help treat that or other diseases.

Former U.S. attorney Bill Nettles will also be training people how to lobby lawmakers in this group.

The group says it doesn’t think the government should stand between doctors being able to treat their patients effectively. They think medical marijuana could be a way for them to do that.

They will be speaking on this subject tonight at 6:00pm at The Citadel.